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Let’s go back to real print

Are you as bored of reading about the looming GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation), deadline as we are?!

If you’re lucky, you have someone to worry about the new act for you, and then, once they have fully grasped all the details, they break it down to you in good old fashioned, plain English. Maybe someone has already, and maybe you know all the answers and implications for your business.

But have you considered this?

The GDPR act that comes into force on May 25th provides the perfect opportunity for a return to print, real print. You remember, that beautiful, tactile medium that we used to use for all our communications – your printed letterheads, printed flyers and folded leaflets, even branded presentation folders for all occasions, not to mention the ubiquitous business cards that seem somewhat down on use in recent years; and let’s not forget a printed company brochure or booklet.

Maybe you have to reconsider all your digital marketing, maybe worst case scenario has already happened, and you have lost a vast chunk of prospect data to the new opt-in requirements.

Take this moment to create an opportunity for you to really stand out against the crowd. Think of a beautiful, tactile branded presentation folder with all your lovely printed stock contained within, landing on a desk as part of a bespoke printed marketing campaign.

All that digital noise is fast becoming just static to most as we are bombarded with content on every platform we choose to engage with. Digital marketers will no longer be able to fill your inbox with unwanted, irrelevant communications and ads; so instead you’ll be bound to see a rise in ads on social media platforms. As if there wasn’t enough evidence for this already, consider that Facebook has just raised its advertising fees, in the midst of the Cambridge Analytica scandal!

So, let’s step back from all of this and return to print, real print.

There is nothing better than having something beautiful and tactile in your hands. It can speak of quality on so many more levels than yet another email. Print can engage, it can inspire, and it can help you stand out so much more clearly than email. Your printed letterhead and business card, maybe with some spot gloss UV varnish details, carry extra weight now.

Just as the music industry thought that vinyl was dead and buried by the arrival of the mp3 file, it has seen a resurgence as people realise the value of something in the hand, the same can happen to print. And we are sure it will, so make sure you stay ahead of the curve and return to real print before the crowds flood the market place.

It is so important to ensure that you return to print that has real value; that is produced by real people who know what they’re doing, and who do it on the best, state-of-the-art printing presses. There is something eternally exciting and engaging about receiving something beautiful in the post. GDPR presents an opportunity to associate your brand with that feeling.